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Yellow Gari 4kg


Yellow garri, also known as yellow cassava flour or fortified garri, is a variety of garri that is often consumed in Nigeria and other West African countries. It gets its yellow color from the addition of palm oil during the processing stage. Here are some key points about yellow garri:

  1. Production Process: Yellow garri is made from cassava roots, similar to regular garri. The cassava roots are peeled, grated, and fermented. After fermentation, the grated cassava is pressed to remove excess moisture. The resulting pulp is then sieved to separate the fine particles from the coarser ones. The coarse particles are further processed by frying or roasting, and palm oil is added during this stage to give the garri its distinctive yellow color.
  2. Nutritional Fortification: Yellow garri is often fortified with Vitamin A to enhance its nutritional value. Vitamin A deficiency is a significant health concern in many parts of West Africa, and the fortification of garri with Vitamin A helps address this issue.
  3. Culinary Uses: Yellow garri is prepared and consumed in a similar way to regular garri. It can be soaked in water to make “garri soakings” or used to make “garri fufu” or “eba,” which are dough-like mixtures. Yellow garri can be served as a side dish with various Nigerian soups, stews, or sauces.
  4. Flavor and Texture: Yellow garri has a distinct flavor due to the addition of palm oil during the frying or roasting process. It has a slightly sweet and nutty taste. In terms of texture, yellow garri is similar to regular garri, with a granular and crunchy texture when dry and a soft, dough-like texture when mixed with water.
  5. Availability: Yellow garri can be found in Nigerian markets, especially in regions where it is commonly consumed. It may also be available in specialty African grocery stores or online retailers that offer Nigerian food products.

Yellow garri is a popular and nutritious food item in West African cuisine. Its vibrant color, nutritional fortification, and versatility in various dishes make it a favored choice among consumers.


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