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Pepper Soup Spice Mix Powder – 100g TUB OMOLUABI


Pepper Soup Spice Mix Powder – 100g TUB OMOLUABI

Pepper soup spice mix powder is a flavorful blend of spices commonly used in Nigerian and West African cuisine to prepare pepper soup. Pepper soup is a spicy and aromatic soup known for its rich, warming, and peppery flavors. It is often made with various types of meat, fish, or poultry, along with a mix of vegetables and herbs.

Typical pepper soup spice mix powder may include some or all of the following ingredients:

  1. Ground Pepper: This is the key ingredient that gives pepper soup its characteristic spicy flavor. Usually, a combination of dried chili peppers, such as Scotch bonnet or habanero, is used.
  2. Ehuru (African Nutmeg): Also known as calabash nutmeg, this spice adds a unique and slightly nutty flavor to the soup.
  3. Uda Seeds (Negro Pepper): Uda seeds have a slightly bitter taste and contribute to the distinctive flavor of pepper soup.
  4. Uziza Seeds or Leaves: Uziza is a West African spice known for its peppery taste and aroma. The seeds or leaves can be used in the spice mix.
  5. Alligator Pepper: These seeds are pungent and aromatic, adding depth to the overall flavor.
  6. Ginger: Ground ginger adds a warm and zesty element to the spice mix.
  7. Garlic: Dried garlic granules or powder enhance the overall flavor profile.
  8. Onion Powder: This provides a subtle onion flavor to the soup.
  9. African Locust Bean (Iru/Dawadawa) (optional): This is a fermented bean that adds a unique umami flavor to the soup.

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