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Ofada Sauce Mix – 100g


Ofada Sauce Mix – 100g

Experience the Delicious Flavour of Ofada Sauce – Nigeria’s Popular Street Food! Ofada sauce is a delicious dish that has been enjoyed by generations of Nigerians. It is made with a combination of spices, peppers, onions, and palm oil, and is usually served with a variety of boiled or fried plantains. Eating Ofada sauce is an experience like no other – as you savour the flavour and aroma, you will be transported to the vibrant street markets of Lagos, where the dish is a staple. Try it today and enjoy a taste of Nigerian culture!

Directions for use

Pour some quantity in a bowl-Add warm or room temperature water-Allow it to rest for about 5-8 minutes-sieve out the water if you added too much and set aside, water can be used later if needed– proceed to fry at low heat for about 9-12mins

-Keep stirring intermittently to avoid burning– Add in protein

-Add salt and seasoning to taste– allow it to fry on low heat for about 10-13 minutes– Enjoy with  the local Ofada rice or any sides of choice

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