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Maltina Can Pack of 6


Maltina Can is the perfect beverage to satisfy your thirst and invigorate your senses. Packed with refreshing goodness, this iconic drink is loved by millions for its unique flavor and nutritional benefits.

Maltina is a non-alcoholic malt beverage that combines the rich flavors of malted barley, hops, and other wholesome ingredients. It offers a delightful blend of sweetness and tanginess, creating a balanced and enjoyable taste that leaves you wanting more.

The convenient Maltina Can allows you to enjoy this delicious beverage on the go. Whether you’re out and about, at work, or simply relaxing at home, you can easily pop open a can of Maltina and savor its refreshing qualities. The can’s compact size makes it travel-friendly and ensures that you can indulge in a refreshing sip whenever and wherever you please.

What sets Maltina apart is its nutritional value. It is fortified with essential vitamins and minerals, including vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin B complex, and calcium. This makes Maltina not only a delicious beverage but also a nourishing choice that can contribute to your overall well-being.

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