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Kaun / Kawun Natural Potash – 90g


“Kaun” of Kawun Potash refers to a type of potash or alkaline salt derived from the ashes of certain plants. It is commonly used in traditional cooking and food preparation in some parts of Nigeria and other West African countries.

The process of making kaun involves burning the pods or husks of certain plants, such as the pod husks of the African locust bean tree (Parkia biglobosa) or the potash plants (Sorghum bicolor or Acanthospermum hispidum). The resulting ashes are then soaked in water, filtered, and evaporated to obtain the concentrated kaun potash.

Kaun potash is used as a food additive and plays a significant role in the preparation of certain traditional dishes. It is often used as a flavoring agent and also serves as a natural tenderizer for tough meat. In soups and stews, kaun potash can act as a thickening agent, helping to give the dish a slightly slimy or viscous texture.

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