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Golden Penny Semovita 2kg


Golden Penny Semovita is a brand of semolina flour produced by Golden Penny, a renowned food processing company in Nigeria. Semovita is a popular food item in Nigeria and other West African countries. Here’s some information about Golden Penny Semovita:

  1. Composition: Golden Penny Semovita is primarily made from durum wheat, which is finely ground to produce a smooth and consistent semolina flour. It undergoes a milling process that removes the bran and germ, resulting in a refined end product.
  2. Preparation: Golden Penny Semovita is commonly used to make a traditional Nigerian staple food known as “swallow.” Swallow refers to a type of solid food made from starchy ingredients that are cooked into a dough-like consistency. To prepare swallow using Golden Penny Semovita, the flour is mixed with hot water and stirred vigorously until it forms a smooth, stiff dough. The dough is then shaped into small portions and served with various Nigerian soups and stews.
  3. Nutritional Value: Golden Penny Semovita is a good source of energy and contains dietary fiber, protein, and essential nutrients such as vitamins and minerals. The exact nutritional composition may vary depending on the specific product and serving size.
  4. Convenience: Golden Penny Semovita is known for its convenience and ease of preparation. It is a quick-cooking food item that can be ready in a relatively short time, making it a popular choice for busy households and individuals.
  5. Availability: Golden Penny Semovita is widely available in Nigeria and can be found in most grocery stores, supermarkets, and online retailers. It comes in different package sizes to suit various consumer needs.

Golden Penny Semovita has become a staple in Nigerian cuisine and is enjoyed by many for its versatility and convenience. It is often served with a variety of Nigerian soups, such as egusi soup, vegetable soup, or ogbono soup. The smooth texture and mild taste of Golden Penny Semovita make it a versatile accompaniment to different dishes, and it is a preferred choice for many Nigerian households.

You can also enjoy semovita as a pudding

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