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Frozen/Dried Ponmo – Box


Locally called “ponmo”, is a favourite beef part enjoyed as a side dish, snack and condiment in south-western Nigeria. It is inexpensive and, perhaps for this reason, very common in restaurants and eateries. Buyers look out for either soft or thick ponmo for their crunchiness.

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Weight 2.2 kg

1 review for Frozen/Dried Ponmo – Box

  1. Eniola

    Hands down the best Ponmo I have seen so far!! You can’t even begin to understand the kind of chore you just saved me from. This Ponmo comes already cleaned unlike the ones I had before. They are big once soaked and soft as well. Took 2 days of soaking them and they came out really nice. I super super recommend; you won’t be disappointed. Thanks Ogbongeh

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