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Ewa Aganyin Mix – BIG 200g


Ewa Aganyin also spelt as Ewa Agoyin is a street food commonly eaten across Nigeria. The dish consists of beans cooked until extremely soft and then mashed. Ewa aganyin is an incredibly flavorful and and unique sauce made from a variety of ingredients. The unique flavour of the sauce is sure to tantalise your taste buds.

The magic of this special delicacy lies in the flavourful sauce. Recipe for the sauce has been a well wrapped secret to many for too long. Omoluabi Ewa Aganyin sauce will be helping you unravel this mystery as you will be able to make the original sauce within a short time from the your beautiful kitchen and serve your family and guests with love that takes them straight to the streets of beautiful Africa.
Do you know you can save time in making ewa aganyin by using your pressure cooker to cook the beans.
You can also use this amazing sauce in eating corn pottage – mashed pressure cooked corn(preferably crushed/broken dried corn) – Egbo

Directions For Use-Pour some quantity in a bowl-Add warm or room temperature water-Allow it to rest for about 5-8 minutes-Add mixed portion into hot oil to sizzle .-Allow it to fry on low heat .-Add in seasoning and salt ,-Add in protein of choice-Taste for seasoning .-Allow to fry for 5 minutes-Serve with mashed beans .

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