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Aboniki Balm – Pack Of 6


Aboniki is a brand of  balm that is popular in Nigeria and some other African countries. It is primarily used for providing relief from minor aches, and muscle soreness. Here are some key points about Aboniki:

  1. Composition: Aboniki is made from a blend of active ingredients, including menthol, camphor, and methyl salicylate. These ingredients have soothing and pain-relieving properties, and they work by providing a cooling and numbing effect on the skin.
  2. Uses: Aboniki is commonly used topically to alleviate  aches, the cooling sensation and aroma of Aboniki can provide a sense of relief and relaxation.
  3. Cultural Significance: Aboniki has gained popularity in Nigeria and is recognized as a go-to product for relieving common aches and pains. It is often associated with traditional remedies and is used by many individuals as part of their self-care routine.

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