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African Foods, Tastes and Sights of Africa 

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African Foods

Good words are food, bad words poison

~ Malagasy Proverb

There is nothing quite like the sheer variety of flavors and tastes coming out of Africa. Today, we thought we would take a quick tasting vacation across the  continent.

All you need is your passport, a pair of sun-glasses, a sun hat and loads of space in your belly.

Cape town, South Africa 

….We are kicking off this vacation at the beautiful coastal beaches of Cape Town, South Africa, heavily influenced in culture and cuisine by the French and Dutch settlers and influences from India, Malaysia and Indonesia – what a fusion. Work your tummy through a tasty meal of Cape Curry Malay, a sweet and savory curry which is predominantly made with cinnamon, saffron and chili, served with rice, naan bread or cauliflower if you are watching the waist line.  

Durban, South Africa

….is our next stop on this journey.  A colleague had told me about Bunny Chow, a very popular Durban street food. I did not think I would like it, because – soggy bread – eww ! But was I absolutely shocked. The ‘innards’ of the bread is taken out, leaving only the exterior. The hollowed bread is then filled with a spicy curry, and toppings of choice, pork, vegetarian chickpeas, chicken, just think it and it’s in it (see what we did there 😊 ? )

Blitz through Mozambique

…to get a taste of their Peri Peri Chicken. This tasty grilled chicken is made with African hot chili peppers, jalapenos, vinegar, herbs and spices and served with hot chips or Portuguese bread. This one is not for the faint hearted – think Nando’s on steroids !  

Another pitstop at the Coast lines of East Africa – Kenya

….home to Wild Life Safaris, the vast Savannah and Chapati Za Ngozi, which is a flat  unleavened bread served with stews, curry’s, eaten on its own or with Kenyan tea. Hakuna Matata !!  

Final stop is Lagos Nigeria

….where we can have a taste of not only the world renowned Jollof rice, but also Ofada rice and Ayamase stew, washed down with Nigerian Fanta or Coke, and slip off into the most perfect food coma from such a ‘filling’ vacation – pun intended !  

And even if you can only dream of this awesome vacation, you can always do the next best thing and make your own Jollof or Ofada rice – first stop, click on Ogbongeh.com to buy your rice and any other ingredients to make your meal.  



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